Location: Uptown Dallas

Trophy Fitness Uptown is located in the Post Square Apartment building at the corner of Vine Street and Howell Street one block west of McKinney Avenue.

The philosophy behind our clubs was developed here and we continue to deliver an outstanding level of customer service to our members. Trophy Fitness offers a surplus of free street parking surrounding the building, as well as free 2-hour garage parking. 

Equipment Facilities:

Trophy Uptown is equipped with state-of-the-art FreeMotion equipment, Rogue rack and rig setups, and Precor cardio machines featuring individual TVs. Our facility also includes a variety of functional training equipment designed to cater to all fitness levels.

Classes Training: 

Specializing in Personal Training and Large Group Training, Trophy Uptown offers a range of classes tailored to meet individual fitness goals. Our class lineup includes:

  • Strength Training(TrophyTeam) – Strength training to help you build muscle and enhance endurance.
  • HIIT Cardio (TrophyTorch) – High-intensity cardio sessions for ultimate calorie burn.
  • Bootcamp – A challenging mix of strength and endurance training.
  • Recover – Focused recovery classes to aid muscle restoration and increase flexibility.

Explore our Personal Training options, view the complete Uptown class schedule, or experience our innovative Hypervolt Recovery sessions. New members can take advantage of our complimentary 7-day trial to experience all that Trophy Fitness has to offer.


  • 7-Day Trial: Experience our full range of services with no commitment.
  • Personal Training: Customized workouts designed to meet your personal fitness goals.
  • Hypervolt Massage Therapy: Targeted therapy to enhance muscle recovery.
  • Normatec Recovery Boots: Revolutionary compression therapy to help reduce recovery time.


Trophy Uptown is dedicated to ensuring a comfortable and convenient experience with amenities that include:

  • Lockers, Towels, and Showers: Full-service locker rooms equipped with all the essentials.
  • Sauna: Both dry and TheraSauna® infrared sauna options available. (Note: TheraSauna® is available by appointment only – please call 214.999.2826 to reserve.)
  • Free Parking: Ample free parking, including garage spaces.
  • WiFi: Stay connected with our complimentary internet service.

TheraSauna® offers numerous health benefits, including assistance with weight loss, metabolism enhancement, pain relief, and detoxification.

For more information or to start your fitness journey with us, contact Trophy Fitness Uptown today. Secure your complimentary 7-day trial membership card and take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle!