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Blake Zale

This was our first job with Kelley and it went unbelievably smooth. Kelley handled everything; lighting, materials, equipment type, and architectural drawings and built us a really nice fitness center that was within our budget. He had great follow up—we will definitely be using Kelley again!

Chantel McCraney

Working with Kelley on our equipment purchase and installation was one of the most painless processes I have ever experienced. He took all the stress and burden off of my shoulders and helped handle any situation that arose. Kelley’s vast knowledge of fitness equipment and facility layouts was a great asset when deciding what to purchase. I would highly recommend Kelley for any equipment purchase or installation.

Thomas W. Bradford, Corporate Operations – Hines

... a good part of my job is travelling around the country visting Hines' operatiung properties, most of which have health clubs. I can say with all sincerity that the Williams Tower health club is easily in the top tier in terms of finishes, facilities (best shower ever), equipment etc. That said, I also believe it is likely the best managed/operated club I've seen ... kudos certainly go to the Trophy Fitness folks.

Sarah Doman Rochester, Assistant Property Manager – Stream Realty Partners, LP

Trophy Fitness has shown outstanding team work in assisting us with the management of the fitness center. They take ownership in the goals of the property and are responsive to any requests or adjustments needed. 

Trophy Fitness and staff have played a vital role in the success of Pyramid Fitness, Trammell Crow Center's fitness facility. They were involved in every step of the process from the design stage and construction to providing Class AA service to our tenants on a daily basis. We could not ask for a better partner than Trophy Fitness.

Cheri Wafford, Senior Real Estate Manager – CBRE

During the time I have worked with Kelley and his team, they have exemplified the values of both service and excellence... Our trophy team was immensely helpful during our design and implementation phase, offering expert knowledge and advise that saved us time and moeny. The entire on-site staff go over and above each day to ensure our fitness center operate at the highest levels possible, while doing an outstanding job of making our tenants feel motivated and welcome.

Lya de la Cruz Foster, Property Manager – Crescent Realty

Choosing Trophy Fitness to manage our gym has proven to be a great decision. They are easy to work with and knowledgeable in all fitness-related areas, including the proper use of our state-of-the-art equiptment. Perhaps the most significant aspect of their management is that their philosophy on providing outstand custmer service aligns with ours, and it is evident in their daily interactions with our customers.

Jame Fracht, Asst. Property Manager- Vanderbilt Properties

"When we decided to bring Kelley Gray and Trophy Fitness on the manage the gym, they transitioned into management in a professional and thoughtout manner with out existing staff, accounting and reporting procedures, etc. in a seemingly short period of time. They made many small, cost effective changes that brought the desired "Class A" feel to the place and making strides daily to make our bottom line more favorable. My tenants, ownership, and staff all have new and improved perspective of our building amenity-fitness center thanks to Trophy."

Mark D. Janssen, Senior Property Manager – 1100 Louisiana, Hines

“Kelley Gray and Trophy Fitness have become the GO-TO fitness consultant for Hines in the Southwest region. I worked closely with Kelley on the design, layout and operation of the 1100 Louisiana Fitness Center and they continue to do an incredible job of managing the day to day operations of the facility.”