Kelley Gray


Kelley Gray was raised in a small town where people were taught to “treat people right,” above all else. So while he was working his way through college as a personal trainer in Dallas, he saw some things at his gym he didn’t like — mainly, egotistical trainers, high prices and pushy salespeople who were focused on the numbers more than the members. So when the club went under and the space went up for lease, he seized the opportunity.

“The challenge for me was timing — it was just kind of dropped into my lap. They were closing in three months so I had to move fast on it. And then finding the money, I was 25-years-old so I didn’t have any money and I didn’t have any family money either.” Fortunately, Kelley was already working on a business plan for a gym, which allowed him to secure a loan for his business.

Once he had the funding, Kelley set about remodeling the entire gym. He bought all new equipment and hired all new people who he said actually cared about “real” customer service. “Gyms always say, ‘We’re the best at customer service. We’re really clean and we know a few names,’ … that’s not customer service — that’s just like turning the lights on. When I say customer service, I’m talking about every member’s’ personal experience.”

This focus on community has built Trophy Fitness a unique reputation, which has opened many doors for Kelley. Shortly after the success of his own clubs was obvious, Kelley was being sought out to give feedback and input for other fitness facilities. Kelley decided to start TROPHY FITNESS DESIGN … a business dedicated to helping other get the most out of their fitness centers. Currently, TROPHY FITNESS DESIGN manages 6 additional properties in Dallas and Houston areas.


Kelley, a graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas, met his wife Robyn in 2003 and have now been married for 11 years.  They have 3 kids … Weston (8), Emery (6) and Hattie (1). The Gray family live in Dallas are actively involved their local church and school.

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