PUBLISHED: Friday, May 8

To The Trophy Family, 

The past few months have not been easy, but thanks to the overwhelming support of our members we have been able to keep the business afloat, and managed to retain all of our core staff.  Thank you for holding on with us!

In the same way we have been blessed with great support, we are excited to have the ability to bless others.  Because of you, Trophy Fitness will be donating $10,000 to our local partner, Brother Bill’s, to enable them to continue feeding those in need in Dallas during these hard times.

As we prepare to reopen on May 18th, the most important thing to us is the health and safety of the Trophy Fitness Family, our team and our members. In accordance with CDC guidelines, we have adopted new procedures and taken the following steps to ensure the highest standards of sanitization, protection, and safety:

  • All gyms have been cleaned and disinfected to the highest standards
  • Equipment has been re-spaced or removed to maintain proper social distancing
  • Use of an electrostatic sprayer with VitalOxide will be incorporated to sanitize and disinfect all areas
  • Every staff and gym member will have their temperature taken before entering the facility
  • Any individual presenting with a cough will be asked to leave
  • Each piece of equipment will be sanitized between use
  • Locker rooms will be open to allow for hand washing and showering
  • All group classes will be temporarily cancelled

Thanks to the tireless work of our team and the amazing support of our members, we have no doubt that the best days of Trophy Fitness are ahead. We look forward to throwing the biggest party to celebrate with our members once this is all behind us!


Kelley Gray

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