Jan 31, 2023

Why your fitness center is empty & how to get people re-engaged

Investing in a fitness center for your building can prove to be a major asset.

Providing a state of the art fitness amenity that companies can offer to their employees will help you attract and retain tenants. When employees have direct access to a fitness program, health care costs decrease, sick days are reduced, productivity improves, and employee satisfaction increases. These statistics will help you attract people to your building; however, retaining them takes more work. Simply establishing a fitness facility does not produce an “if you build it, they will come” guarantee.

Dedicating a space to workout on your campus is a great place to start, but you need more than a gym membership — you need a Gym Experience. A gym experience is only as good as the staff who manages your facility. Without a management staff, your fitness center’s utilization will never increase. This may be because:

  • Your facility’s registration or “getting started” process isn’t clear
  • Those new to working out are intimidated by the pressure of going at it alone
  • Your fitness program lacks fresh ideas, resources, direction, and support
  • The facility does not have an optimal variety of equipment and amenities
  • Company culture does not encourage exercise around employee work schedules

Whether your gym is empty due to one, or all of these reasons, there is an attainable solution that will get members re-engaged to use your facility. Employing an effective staff to manage the member experience is guaranteed to maximize fitness center usage. A well-equipped fitness center staff ensures a seamless registration process that protects your company from liability, and provides members with everything they need to get started and progress through their fitness journey. 

A fitness center management staff takes care of everything from policies and procedures to personal training programs. That way, you can focus on the vital components of your job and not managing a gym. 

The smallest gestures can make all the difference.

Even a hello at the door can inspire gym members to recommend your fitness center to coworkers. Management staff provide value from the second a member walks in the door by greeting them by name, leading tours, providing general information about the fitness center, demonstrating proper machine usage and safety, and fostering a sense of community among gym users.

Onsite staff can instill potential members with much-needed inspiration and motivation.

Getting to the gym is easier said than done. Members need to be unified around shared values and commitments toward health and well-being. Management staff lead this effort by organizing group fitness classes, fitness challenges, personal training services, tenant events, corporate lunch and learns, and various fitness initiatives.

Ultimately, the goal of any fitness center is to make fitness more attainable for everyone.

This is done by catering to schedules and preferences of gym members. An effective management team will analyze traffic and usage to optimize group class schedules and staffing levels.

Without a management staff onsite to initiate, engage, and support your fitness center’s members, the same 10% of tenants who already workout are the ones who will use your facility. Building a fitness center is a significant investment that could reach upwards of 40% of tenants when staffed with a well equipped management team.

At Trophy Fitness, we empower managers to grow their fitness facility through actionable objectives and strategic insights. As a result of running our own for-profit fitness centers for 18+ years, we understand the motivations and interests of gym members. Our job is to build a bridge between members and gyms for years to come. From the moment they walk in the door, we help clients create a community environment for their tenants.

We also provide the tools and resources needed to optimize your fitness facilities, from electronic waiver management and custom branded apps to revenue generation and fitness services. Each of our staff are highly certified, insured, and have years of customer service and personal training experience. By partnering with Trophy Fitness to manage your fitness facility, you will see increased utilization, higher client retention, and improved member satisfaction across the board. 

Discover the difference Trophy Fitness can make for you with a free consultation today.