Top Design Trends of 2024

Luxury fitness centers are at the forefront of amenity offerings in office and multifamily developments. This dedication to upscale wellness amenities will continue to thrive in 2024. 

The fitness world is constantly evolving with the rise of technology, new training methods, and outdoor fitness areas. Optimizing your fitness facility’s design, layout, and functionality is the key to keeping up with trends in the new year. 

Let’s dive into the top trends for 2024. 


Less Equipment, More Space

Functional Strength Training has rapidly risen in popularity over the last decade. There is a deliberate move toward open, versatile spaces prioritizing movement and functionality over cramming equipment. The focus is now on designing areas that support various exercises while fostering a dynamic workout environment. 


Smart Storage & Functional Equipment

In the new year, we will see a shift towards versatile, multi-use equipment in the contemporary fitness landscape. Gyms are embracing a diverse array of workout equipment — from free weights and sleds to bands, ropes, medicine balls, and functional cardio pieces. This transition isn’t just about swapping out traditional machines; it’s a strategic move toward creating adaptable training spaces. By incorporating these multifunctional tools, gyms are cultivating environments that seamlessly accommodate the evolving trends in dynamic movement and varied training methods. 


Designated Group Fitness Spaces

As the fitness landscape continues to evolve, so do the spaces within the gyms. Spin studios and yoga rooms have their place in specific larger developments, but trends continue to lean towards multi-use spaces that can be utilized for a wide array of exercise modalities vs. single-use rooms. Designated areas for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and open-concept group workouts are on the rise. These areas allow fitness centers to cater to the growing demand for functional training while cultivating a communal atmosphere. 


Virtual Fitness

In 2024, the surge in virtual fitness experiences remains influential in shaping the fitness landscape. The demand for Peloton bikes as premium amenities in corporate and multi-family developments continues to rise. The trend of immersive spin classes, virtual mirrors and rowers, and even golf simulators continues to gain traction, indicating a broader shift towards embracing innovative technology for enriched workout experiences. 


Wellness and Recovery

The emphasis on overall wellness over specific physical goals is revolutionizing the fitness industry. The focus is now on reducing aches and pains, enhancing mental well-being, and fostering longevity. Incorporating infrared saunas, cold plunges, and cutting-edge recovery tools like Hypervolt massage devices and Normatec compression sleeves illustrates this growing movement. These components demonstrate the commitment to offering a total wellness experience.  

The blueprint for a successful fitness center in 2024 extends beyond traditional gym offerings, recognizing that true well-being involves intentional recovery practices.


Outdoor Fitness Areas

Another trend that will continue into 2024 is the addition of outdoor fitness spaces. Incorporating garage and sliding doors creates a seamless transition between the indoor gym and outdoor training area. The indoor/outdoor fitness concept is highly attractive to prospective tenants and residents. The attraction stems from its adaptability—a seamless shift between indoor and outdoor workouts facilitated by various mobile and fixed outdoor fitness equipment. 

Aligned with the heightened desire to embrace the outdoors for health benefits, these spaces emphasize the importance of fresh air and sunlight. This approach embraces health trends and fosters a dynamic and refreshing workout experience.


Multiple Flooring Selections

Catering to diverse workout needs calls for versatile flooring options within fitness spaces. The demand for varied flooring has surged, driven by the need to support different training modalities effectively. Turf flooring has notably gained traction, offering a resilient surface ideal for accommodating functional equipment like sleds, tires, plyometric boxes, and various workouts. 

Functionality isn’t the only consideration; the art lies in combining different flooring materials—turf, rubber, and sports vinyl—to create an environment that seamlessly merges functionality with aesthetics. 


Well-Designed Showers & Locker Rooms

The current trends in locker room design focus on improving privacy and comfort. The focus has been adding shower doors instead of curtains, setting up “dry” changing facilities inside shower stalls, and offering a more individualized and comfortable experience. The standard for amenities in these areas has increased; having luxurious towels and high-quality liquid products is now expected rather than just a bonus. These minor but crucial elements improve the gym experience, turning a locker room trip into a luxurious exercise routine component.


Elevate Your Fitness Facility with Trophy Fitness in 2024

As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of fitness trends in 2024, it’s clear that staying ahead means embracing innovation and adaptability. Trophy Fitness knows these trends and their importance in influencing contemporary fitness environments. 

Our hands-on experience sets us apart – we operate our own fitness facilities. We’ve witnessed firsthand the impact of each innovation, from the surge of virtual exercise to the demand for versatile flooring and appealing locker rooms, and we leverage this insight to improve the total gym experience. In order to develop spaces that inspire, encourage, and engage your clientele, our team is dedicated to customizing designs that not only meet but surpass these expectations.

Trophy Fitness is your partner in implementing these trends into your facility. Whether it’s introducing outdoor exercise areas, functional training spaces, or technology-driven workout solutions, contact us to set up a free consultation!