Tips for Designing Your Ideal Corporate Gym

Adding a fitness center to a business or office is a dream for many corporate business owners. However, creating a great workout space is more than picking a room and tossing some dumbbells and treadmills into the mix.

If you’re an employer looking to add a fitness center or gym to your office, there are many factors to consider.

A well-designed corporate gym can boost employee morale, productivity, and health. It can also help with recruiting and retention. So, you want your gym investment to be a major positive point in your practice.

At Trophy Fitness, we provide consulting services to brands like yours across the country that want to expand fitness opportunities for their teams. 

Here are some tips for creating your company’s ideal onsite fitness facility.


Choose the Right Location

As with any fitness center, location matters. As mentioned, you can’t just pick a random room and call it a day!

Your fitness center should be easily accessible for employees but tucked away enough to not be distracting. Factoring in what is directly above, below, and around your fitness center is also vital. Sound and vibration will carry in all directions, so you must ensure the gym is strategically placed to not distract or disturb your tenants. Basement spaces or empty conference rooms are often great options to be converted into gym spaces.

The square footage of the space you choose also matters. The size of your building, occupancy rate, and work schedules all play a role in right-sizing your fitness center. Your building demographic should also be a consideration. Everyone works out differently, so you need to create enough space for various equipment, and room for different zones like weights, cardio, stretching, etc.


Invest in Quality Equipment

Equipment is one of the top budget items when constructing a corporate gym. Be sure to choose well-known brands of commercial-grade equipment that are built to withstand the use of the space.

Variety matters. If you have the space, opt for several different exercise modalities such as treadmills, stair steppers, ellipticals, Peloton bikes, free weights, strength machines, and functional equipment.

Having a range of equipment caters to different exercise preferences and leads to your employees getting the most out of your corporate fitness center.

Also, make sure to budget for ongoing equipment maintenance so you can continue to protect your investments.


Focus on Safety

Make sure all equipment and flooring meet commercial safety standards. This is where a team like ours can help you avoid legal troubles.

Offer regular inspection of machines and upkeep to prevent injuries. Keep first aid kits, including automated external defibrillators (AEDs), available as an extra safety measure.


Create Private Spaces

While open gym formats work for some companies, others may want to section off private areas for comfort.

Creating private spaces in your corporate gym can help create a space where your employees want to work out and become their best selves.

Private spaces you could include in your design are:

  • Private changing rooms and showers
  • Separate areas for specific uses like yoga or pilates 
  • Smaller rooms for solo workouts


Make It Convenient 

Employees who can easily access exercise facilities onsite are more likely to take advantage of them.

When planning fitness center hour availability, time them around early mornings, lunch hours, and evenings to accommodate hectic work schedules.

If you have a large enough business, you could even consider keeping the gym open 24/7 with keycard access. 

Your ultimate goal should be to make it as simple as possible for staff to incorporate workouts into workdays.


Reap the Benefits of an Office Gym, Today!

Creating a gym in your corporate space is an investment that comes with several long-term payoffs. At Trophy Fitness, we can help you craft the details of your new workout space, knowing that you’ll quickly be reeling in the benefits with current and future employees.


Healthier, More Productive Employees

Providing an exercise outlet improves both physical and mental well-being among employees. Endorphins released during and post-workout are mood-boosting and lead to increased overall happiness.

Physically active staff commonly take fewer sick days. On top of that wonderful stat, gym access, combined with endorphin release, can lead to higher workplace performance and engagement.  


Increased Recruitment Opportunities

Many young professionals actively seek health-focused work cultures with green commuting options, standing desks, nutritious meals, and onsite gyms.

Even if you just have the onsite gym, you’re already a step ahead of the competition when it comes to creating a great work culture and attracting new talent.

Promoting your new fitness center gives your brand a modern look that makes people on the job hunt want to work for your company that values them beyond standard office duties.


Improved Company Loyalty and Morale 

This is also true for current employees you want to retain. When employees see their employer cares about health initiatives not just tied to work demands, loyalty increases.

The potentially collaborative environment found in your onsite gym can build deeper connections between colleagues that carry over to job tasks.

The availability of stress-relieving workouts also boosts morale and can lead to increased and improved productivity.


Design a Healthier Future With Trophy Fitness

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