Why your fitness center is empty & how to get people re-engaged

Providing a state of the art fitness amenity that companies can offer to their employees will help you attract and retain tenants. When employees have direct access to a fitness program, health care costs decrease, sick days are reduced, productivity improves, and employee satisfaction increases.

Health is a team sport

HEALTH IS A TEAM SPORT: WHY YOU SHOULD OUTSOURCE YOUR FITNESS CENTER MANAGEMENT TEAM  Are you responsible for helping a group of people stay healthy and/or have access to fitness facilities? We know it can be incredibly challenging to consider everything that goes into designing and successfully managing a fitness center. Fortunately, Trophy Fitness has over 20 […]

Why you need a trainer

People work out for all kinds of reasons, the most popular being to lose weight. Others are training for a specific goal, wanting to develop more stamina, or aiming to simply get healthier overall.

5 Common Mistakes in Fitness Center Design

Building a premier fitness center is a huge undertaking. You’ve got the perfect building, and you’ve spent hours making sure the lobby and common spaces are just right. The fitness center deserves that same level of attention.