A Comprehensive Approach to Corporate Fitness:
The Trophy Fitness Advantage

Trophy Fitness has been creating innovative and functional fitness solutions for 20 years. From owning and operating 3 for-profit public gyms to providing full scale fitness center management, Trophy Fitness offers fitness solutions for the local community, business owners, and nationally recognized corporate partners.

It Starts with Design. Choosing the right fitness equipment and layout is only a small piece of the design process. At Trophy Fitness, our goal is to create a fitness facility that stands out as a 5-star amenity to your tenants and prevents them from going to the big box gym down the street. The design needs to emphasize both functionality and longevity. It needs to align with trends, while still covering the essentials. With 20 years of experience, Trophy Fitness knows what works. We design gyms from an operator’s point of view and use the same strategies that have kept our own for-profit health clubs running successfully for two decades.

Trophy Fitness works with you from the conception of your project through design development, construction, and ultimately delivery. While equipment selection and layout are a very important piece of what we do, there are additional details that are equally important and included in our scope of work. Trophy Fitness will partner with your architects and interior designers to ensure that the selected flooring, finishes, and details serve the space functionally and will withstand the use of the gym for years to come. Mirror placement, TV placement, millwork, and locker room configurations are just a few components of the fitness center that Trophy Fitness will provide guidance on.

Utilize an Operator Who Can Ensure Engagement. Your corporate fitness center will never serve its purpose unless it is activated. Dedicating a space to workout on your campus is a great place to start, but you need more than a gym membership — you need a Gym Experience. A gym experience is only as good as the staff who manages your facility. Without a management staff, your fitness center’s utilization will never increase. This may be because:

  • Your facility’s registration or “getting started” process isn’t clear.
  • Those new to working out are intimidated by the pressure of going at it alone.
  • Your fitness program lacks fresh ideas, resources, direction, and support.
  • The facility does not have an optimal variety of equipment and amenities.
  • Company culture does not encourage exercise around employee work schedules.

Whether your gym is empty due to one, or all of these reasons, there is an attainable solution that will get members re-engaged to use your facility. Employing an effective staff to manage the member experience is guaranteed to maximize fitness center usage. A well-equipped fitness center staff ensures a seamless registration process that protects your company from liability, and provides members with everything they need to get started and progress through their fitness journey. A fitness center management staff takes care of everything from policies and procedures to personal training programs. That way, you can focus on the vital components of your job and not managing a gym.

Trophy Fitness is your do-it-all fitness consultant and gym management partner. With two decades of experience, 500+ design consulting projects, 17 active corporate fitness center management contracts, and over 25,000 members served company-wide, we guarantee that we can create a corporate fitness experience that will keep your tenants coming back time and time again.