10 Steps to Safely Reopen Your Fitness Center

PUBLISHED: Wednesday, 3/30/21

Open your gym safely without sacrificing service.

The reopening of your fitness center in the climate of COVID-19 is no simple task. There are evolving protocols that are essential to ensuring the safety and comfort of your gym users. It is important to have professional staff onsite to execute the proper procedures and keep operations running smoothly. Here are 10 steps for you to take as you navigate how, and when to reopen your fitness center safely, without sacrificing service.

Step #1: Update Your Waiver Language

Ensure that your business is protected from the liability of a member contracting COVID-19. Add a clause to your waiver covering negligence associated with the presence of or transmission of any bacteria, viruses, or infectious diseases.

Step #2: Space Equipment 6 Feet Apart

Space equipment 6-feet apart to comply with social distancing requirements. If your facility does not have the room to space equipment, place a sign on certain machines to limit access. Rotate the signs periodically throughout the week to disinfect machines and maintain equal usage.

Step #3: Follow CDC Guidelines for Washing Towels

Towel service is one of your members’ most valued amenities. Assure their safety and peace of mind by following the CDC guidelines, found here. Handle all dirty towels with gloves and provide hand sanitizer near clean towels.

Step #4: Use Cleaning Products that are CDC Approved to kill COVID

This vital step should not be overlooked. Safety measures should be taken as soon as users walk in the door. Provide hand sanitizer at each entrance and in common areas. Click here to verify that your sanitizers and disinfectants are effective at killing covid19, or find an effective product to use in your facility.

Step #5: Use an Electrostatic Sprayer on all Surfaces and Touch Points

Use of an electrostatic sprayer combats any germs left behind on surfaces and equipment. Spray down equipment and common areas daily to avoid the transmission of infectious particles and germs.

Step #6: Follow Ordinances Regarding Masks and Capacity Limits

Put signs up at all points of entry notifying members of mask requirements and capacity limitations. Post this information on your website and social media platforms. Consider setting up a reservation system online for users to sign up for a designated time block to use the gym.

Step #7: Maintain Social Distancing at all Times

Whether masks are required in your facility or not, social distancing measures should be taken. Place signage on every other piece of cardio equipment to allow for proper spacing, and limit the number of people in your facility if necessary.

Step #8: Require Users to Wipe Equipment Down Before and After Use

This step is extremely important if your facility is not staffed! The best step you can take in preventing the spread of covid19 is to have all equipment sanitized before and after use. Provide sanitation stations with gym wipes, spray bottles, and cleaning cloths that users can use to sanitize equipment.

Step #9: Educate Users on New Protocols

Make sure your members are on board with the new way of doing things. Post information regarding cleaning procedures, mask requirements, and capacity restrictions inside the facility, on your website, and on social media platforms to inform your members prior to their arrival at the gym.

Step #10: Limit Group Class Capacity

Limiting group fitness class capacity will make your members more comfortable and ensure that social distancing parameters are met. Depending on your space, fill classes to 50% capacity and then assess room for additional participants. Space users 6-feet apart and avoid sharing equipment in all classes.

There is no step that replaces the importance of having a staffed facility.

You can establish rules, write procedures, and give recommendations all day long, but without someone onsite to enforce the new protocols, there is no way to ensure that your facility is operating safely.

If you have questions about safely reopening your fitness center, or would like to know more about management staffing services offered by Trophy Fitness, please feel free to contact us today to set up a free consultation.

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